NECTR Stake Pool

We are a team that includes professional AWS consultants and a fully qualified server administrator.
We guarantee maximum pool performance to ensure YOU profitable delegation.
Ticker: NECTR

Our Key Features


We have considerable Pledge to ensure your delegation success and to maintain the attractiveness of the Pool.

Quality Server Hardware

We use Amazon Web Services instances that are in excess of recommended best practice. We have multiple relay nodes distributed globally to ensure ease of maintenance, reliability and security.

Stake Pool Information

Ticker: NECTR
Fee: 340 ADA
Pool Margin: 3.9%
We have dedicated relays located in Sydney and Tokyo.

Multi-layer Security

Sophisticated security technologies ensure the pool is 100% secure.

99.95% Uptime

We guarantee that the NECTR stakepool is up at least 99.95% of the time to maximise the chance of block production.

Competitive Return on Stake (ROS)

We have a competitive return on stake, meaning you get a good return on your delegated funds per block created.

Trust us to consistently earn you rewards!