Cardano Stake Pool


A Team of Technical Experts Ensuring a Reliable Stake Pool
We guarantee maximum pool performance to ensure YOU profitable delegation.

Ticker: NECTR

Our Key Features


We put plenty of our "skin in the game" (Pledge) to maintain the attractiveness of the Pool and ensure your delegation success!

Ticker: NECTR

Quality Server Hardware

We run 3 x brand new DELL PowerEdge R6515 Rack Servers with 2.65 GHZ AMD cores and 6 x 32 GB RAM each, secured by Fortinet Firewall and backed up 4 x 8 Terabyte NAS plus Fibre Optic network connection. We have abundant computing power to run high performance - highly secure stake pools, plus any DApps or associated side chains.

Ticker: NECTR

Competitive Pricing

We charge the minimum costs per epoch of 340 ADA plus a pool margin of only 3.9% We have good pledge and a strong track record of block production. A winning formula.

Ticker: NECTR

Passionate About Cardano

We live and breathe Cardano and are passionate community supporters. We believe in the protocols capacity to deliver a better fairer future. We are a living example of high-quality decentralisation!

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Experienced Team

We are highly experienced server administrators who launched day one of the Cardano Mainnet.

Our team includes one system administrator with 15 years' experience and master's degree in Systems Administration and one technical administrator who is a Cardano enthusiast.

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Superb Return On Stake (ROS)

Our attractiveness to you is determined by our pledge, quality of team, (university qualified server admin / 15 years' experience) reliability of hardware, (AWS) cost per epoch, (340 ADA) amount of delegation), non-saturation and our pool margin. (3.9%) Simply put, the lower the pool margin does not necessarily mean the stake pool is more profitable for you. It is all the above factors that determines your profitability! Our track record is the proof you need.

Ticker: NECTR

Our track record demonstrates our capacity to consistently earn you rewards!